Monday, September 9, 2013

antique sword for sale

Kris o Keris
Usually found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei,Singapore and Philippines.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Program 2013 13

Set call time:__


         Reception area
Lights and Sound Personnel
        Smoke Effects
Photo and Videographer
       Projector and Laptop for AVP
Catering Services
        Food with Lechon
       Wedding Cake
Shuttle Bus
Bridal Car


Best Man
Groom with Parents
Principal Sponsors
Secondary Sponsors
Groomsmen & Brides Mailds
Junior Brides Mails
Ring Bearer
Coin Bearer
Bible Bearer
Matron of Honor
Parents of the Bride


Bride and Groom with
The Officiating Priest
Parents of the Bride
Both Parents
Parents of the Groom
Principal Sponsors
Best Man & Matron of honor
Groomsmen & Brides maids
Bearers & Junior Brides maids
Immediate family of the bride
Relative of the bride
Friends of the bride
Immediate family of the groom
Relative of the groom
Friends of the groom

…. Recessional…..

Reception Program
Ladies and Gentlemen we will now start our celebration, to  start off, please help me welcome the people who brought (Groom and Bride’s name) in this world. The parents of the newlyweds….
Mr. and Mrs. (Groom)
Mr. and Mrs. (Bride)

Following them are their Principal Sponsors whom in faith pledge to stand as their second parents, please welcome:

Sponsor inOrder according to the PROGRAMME


Entrance of the full entourage (all in a dance mode)

Parents of the Bride
Parents of the Groom
Principal Sponsors
Bridesmaids with Groomsmen
Bearers and Jr. Bridesmaids

Bestman and Matron of Honor

Each hour, each day, each year, they grow as two and they grow apart:

Movie Trailer

Now please, let us all stand and witness as they grow together as one, forming an enternal love;
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome:
Mr. and Mrs. (Bride and Groom)

Welcome Address:

Please be seated every one,
To welcome us all here today,
I would like to call on ( Father of the Groom)

 And now let us move in and, eyes on the screen please as we go look back to the newly weds memory lane.

To continue the tradition, I would to invite the newly weds to please go to the (Dance Floor or Guest area) and also I would like to invite you all to join them in this traditional dance… (Money Dance Note: Please Provide a pin for money) after the dance collect the money and give it to the bride)

Thank you very much for joining our newly weds, now I feel that the evening is getting late, maybe its time for all of us to par tale the food that is prepared for us by the newly Weds…

I would like to call on (Priest or Any person)  for the blessing of the food, Note: Assign a person on this)

Every one please take a stand.\

Photomontage or a guest presentation ( to be inserted halfway of the Dinner)

I guess we’ve all have taken our dinner… We now move on to the next part;
Slicing of the cake
Before we move on, I would like to call on
(Assign a person) to do the matrimonial toss..

To the newly wed (toss) and ting on the goblets

This time let me call on the parents of the Bride for the rationale.
(after their speech, invite everyone to look at the screen for AVP (If Availble)
Eyes on the screen please

Picture Hopping
(call them by table # and let them join the newly weds in their gazebo or table)

Now this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

This time I would like to call on the single ladies in the house to join (Bride)  in the trational catching of the brides Bouquet.
(Pls play the song Single Ladies)

Now its your turn dear gentle men to do your part, so now I would like to call on all the single gentle mens on the house to join our groom…
(pls play Hep hep hurray)

Turn over ( berelles part)
Play  I love you by Martina Mc bride and Kiss Me

....Opening of Gifts....

We move on:
Message from the Principal Sponsors:

Friends of the Bride: (Name)
Friends of the Groom: ( Name)
Bride and Groom

.. on site footage…


Master of Ceremony

Thursday, June 13, 2013

South Luzon Tour

South Luzon Tour

Entrance Fee's:

CamSur Wakeboarding       400+
ATV Ride                       2,000.00 good for 2
Villa Escudero                 1,250.00
Pagsanjan Falls                1,250.00
Bulusan WaterBike             200.00